Gino's Pizza Bayside

Pizzeria & Restaurant

61-32 Springfield Blvd, Bayside, NY 11364
(718) 225-1475

Weekly Blackboard Specials

$26.00Broiled Bronzinowith a Side of Vegetable and Potato

$12.00Citrus Saladmixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cranberries, oranges, & goat cheese in a homemade citrus dressing

$15.00Drunken Grandma Pie (Small)fresh mozzarella, vodka sauce, bacon, garlic & basil

$18.00Hazelnut Chickenmelted fresh mozzarella, shallots and mushrooms in a brown sauce, served with veggie and potatoes

$9.00Italian Wedding Soup`

$15.00Penne with Creamy Mushrooms and Sundried

$9.00Stuffed Artichoke

$17.00Veal CappricosaTopped with a Mesculin Salad

$16.00Veggie Lasagna